Saturday, 28 March 2009

Please comment on the evolving content of the book

I am still at an early stage in the creation of the book - researching and firming up on contents. My completion date with the publisher, Amberely Books, is the end of the year. Just now I am thinking about chapter content and linking the modern stuff to the battle and civil war. Am I missing any points? Any comments on the ones I have?

Chapter Content (no order yet) -- Link to Civil War/battle

Gypsy Fair -- The march to Stow, travelling people
Incomers/Residents -- The makeup of the armies, local and elsewhere
Plymouth Brethren/Minorities --Puritans, catholics, C of E, ranters
Commerce – supermarket etc -- How did they eat
Tourists -- The many visits paid to Stow by both sides
Pubs and entertainment -- Entertainment en route?
The Aged and Infirm -- The aging Lord Astley
Other towns -- The towns visited along the march
Employment -- Who paid the troops
Housing -- Where did the troops sleep?

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